How to use Midjourney (to generate AI-powered images)

Midjourney homepage


Midjourney is without doubts one of the best images generator powered by AI, but currently its interface is a little bit of a mess; up to the point that people like me need to write tutorials on how to use it.

Fortunately for you, I’ll go straight to the point so you can start generating images with it in less than a minute.

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How to change the images format on Midjourney

Change the images format on Midjoruney


As you well know, by default, Midjourney gives you four square images (ratio 1:1) in the results.

However, you can generate rectangular and vertical images adding your desired format at the end of your search.

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Current best AI to generate images (February 2023)

Best AI to generate images


The current best AI to generate images is Midjourney (March 2023).

It’s not my opinion, it’s almost unanimous on the Internet and the results are light years ahead of Dall-E, Stable Difussion and the rest of the current well-known image AIs (the picture above -made with Midjourney- is worthier than a thousand words). Continue Reading