Midjourney doesn’t allow to upload images anymore?

Midjourney upload images


(*) UPDATE: Try drag them directly to the prompt box and let us know if it worked.

Hi guys.

Apparently Midjourney doesn’t allow to upload images anymore. The option in the (+) button is gone (on their public/newbies chats on Discord at least).

Do you guys know any solution/alternative to this apart from uploading the images to a public online service and copy the URL? Continue Reading


How to use Midjourney (to generate AI-powered images)

Midjourney homepage


Midjourney is without doubts one of the best images generator powered by AI, but currently its interface is a little bit of a mess; up to the point that people like me need to write tutorials on how to use it.

Fortunately for you, I’ll go straight to the point so you can start generating images with it in less than a minute.

Let’s go. Continue Reading


How to change the images format on Midjourney

Change the images format on Midjoruney


As you well know, by default, Midjourney gives you four square images (ratio 1:1) in the results.

However, you can generate rectangular and vertical images adding your desired format at the end of your search.

I show you how: Continue Reading


Current best AI to generate images (2024)

Best AI to generate images


(*) UPDATE: The free version of Midjourney is not working any longer. The current three most popular free AIs to generate images are ideogram.ai, catbird.ai and leonardo.ai. Try it and tell me what you think.

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