When will Sweden join NATO after Turkey’s veto lift?

Sweden NATO integration


Sweden applied to join NATO last year after Russia invaded Ukraine, but the official integration as a NATO member was vetoed/blocked by Turkey.

Last July 11 (2023), Turkey lift their veto and cleaned the path for Sweden to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Now the question is: when will Sweden join NATO officially after Turkey’s green light? Continue Reading


Current best AI to generate images (2023)

Best AI to generate images


(*) UPDATE: The free version of Midjourney is not working any longer. The current three most popular free AIs to generate images are ideogram.ai, catbird.ai and leonardo.ai. Try it and tell me what you think.

The current best AI to generate images is Midjourney.

It’s not my opinion, it’s almost unanimous on the Internet and the results are light years ahead of Dall-E, Stable Difussion and the rest of the current well-known image AIs (the picture above -made with Midjourney- is worthier than a thousand words). Continue Reading


What are the main use cases of cryptocurrencies?



The goal of the article is to explain what cryptocurrencies are for (beyond their —still mainly— speculative use).

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