Is Temu reliable? (Personal experience)

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Below I share my personal experience with Temu (buying from Spain) and what I think about this ecommerce after several months of use.

I hope it serves you well.



I discovered Temu last year while searching for specific products online. It always appeared in the top search results with VERY competitive prices.

Although I had MANY doubts about its genuineness, after a quick look around online, I decided to try it myself with a bank account I have for testing websites like this.

(At this point, I want to clarify that I have only made purchases through the web version and NOT the app. Why? Because, even though I could be wrong, the insistence on downloading the app in the mobile searches and that discount roulette that always pops up seems like a 🚩 red flag to me. I can be wrong, but that’s the reason)

Moving on.

The shopping experience through the web, at least in my case, has been VERY GOOD.

In the first purchase, after paying with Paypal, I had to cancel a couple of items and they refunded me immediately (something quite unusual even in 2024 for most online stores). Just like the mobile/app version didn’t give me confidence, seeing how they refunded me 5 minutes after canceling seemed like a huge point of trust and good customer experience in their favor.

Second positive point, punctuality. They don’t deceive you with delivery dates, and if they are delayed, they compensate you. Fortunately, I haven’t had to check the rewards system because EVERYTHING I have ordered has arrived on time.

The quality of the products has been good overall. I am VERY happy with the baby items I have bought (sneakers, boots, pajamas, etc.) and with the home products (organizers, rugs, towel racks…). Regarding clothing, I have returned most of it because 1) it’s difficult to buy clothes that fit well online 2) I didn’t get the sizes right (I won’t make the same mistake in future purchases) 3) I’m very picky and only keep things that fit me perfectly. That said, the quality/price seems to me to be one of the best on the Internet today.

The only thing left was to see how they handled returns, and it was also GREAT. I made a double return of a total of 14 products without any problem. They even encouraged me to send everything together in one package instead of two, no need to print anything, no need to pay anything. You just have to go to the post office, show the return label they give you from your mobile phone, and that’s it. They themselves inform you when the post office receives it, when it arrives at their warehouses, and when they are checking that all the items are in good condition.

Today I received the refund for those two orders, only 4 days after sending them (I say “only” because I believe most products come directly from China).

In conclusion, after testing the experience of their website, that they are not a scam (at least in the sense that they have NOT stolen my money without delivering the product), their instant cancellations, their punctuality, their ease in the return system, and their refund, I can say that it seems to me to be the best current online store I have tried along with Amazon in terms of user experience.

As I will continue to shop on this website, I will update you if anything happens or if I change my mind. But for now, I am VERY satisfied with Temu.



If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comments.


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