Switzerland and Liechtenstein in 3 days


Hey travelers!

After reading the whole Internet on the subject and personally travel these two countries in a quick 3 days trip by car, I want to share with you the places that you can NOT miss in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Taking in account these recommendations and depending on your particular conditions (flights, origin of the trip, destination, etc.), I invite you to organize your own itinerary.



With only three days available, you have to prioritize what to see; and these two destinations stand out mainly because of their nature.

This said, these would be my recommendations:

  • Gaflei + The Princes’ Way Hike (Liechtenstein): Gaflei is a village in the Liechtenstein’s Alps located at an altitude of 1500 meters (with a postcard view) that marks the start of the best hike I’ve ever done in my life: The Princes’s Way Hike (not suitable for people with fear of heights, but with astonoshing views).
  • Lauterbrunnen + Mürren (Switzerland): Both travelers and the Lauterbrunnen tourist office agree on this recommendation. Park at the top of the valley (around the Lauterbrunnen tourist office) and walk down to the cable car that will take you to Mürren (it’s less than an hour and a half walking). From Mürren you can walk in the opposite direction (this time from the top of the mountains) and take a new cable car down to the valley that will drop you off near the point the start point of the hike. (*) The price of the cable car to Mürren is 32 CHF round trip (November 2018).
  • Lucerne (Switzerland): This city deserves at least an hour walk (I recommend parking at the port, near its famous Chaple Bridge). It is the only city I would recommend visiting with only 3 days avaliable.

(*) In addition to these, although we did not have time to visit them, you can add the Chillon Castle and the Harder Kulm viewpoint. As I said, depending on your possibilities, you can include them or not in your itinerary.



3.1. Gaflei (Liechtenstein)



3.2. Lauterbrunnen (Switzerland)


I retrieved this amazing photo from Wikimedia Commons because we had an extreme foggy day (Author and source: Chensiyuan, 2012).


3.3. Lucerne (Switzerland)




  • Day 1: Basel airport > Bern (capital of Switzerland) > Interlaken.
  • Day 2: Interlaken > Hike Lauterbrunnen > Mürren (we went up to Birg) > Night in Lucerne.
  • Day 3: Lucerne > Vaduz (capital of Liechtenstein) > Gaflei + Princes’ Way Hike > Quick stop in Zurich > Basel Airport.

As you can see, the first day was mainly dedicated to Bern and Interlaken; the second day to the hike Lauterbrunnen – Mürren (although we could not enjoy Mürren due to a dense fog that followed us all day); and the third day to Lucerne, Vaduz (capital of Liechtenstein) and the Princes’ Way Hike with a quick stop in Zurich before returning to the Basel airport.

Personally, I think that the chosen stops were a success. Besides not saturating ourselves from driving, we had the opportunity to visit the main cities of these two countries in only three days (with the exception of Geneva).

(*) With so few days of travel, I wouldn’t give more than 2 hours to any of the cities (including Lucerne).



If you have ended up here, you might have a lot of questions about your future trip to Switzerland and Liechtenstein. If so, go ahead and share them in the comments section! 😉

See you soon! 🖖


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