Basketball vocabulary in Spanish


Below you can find a small compilation of basketball vocabulary in Spanish (name of the positions of the players, actions, fouls, parts of the court and others).

I hope you find it useful. 💪🏀



2.1. Positions

  • Point Guard / playmaker: base.
  • Shooting Guard / Small forward: escolta.
  • Forward: alero.
  • Power foward: ala pívot.
  • Center / Pivot: pívot.


2.2. Actions

  • Shoot: tiro o lanzamiento (noun) / tirar o lanzar (verb).
  • Dribble: bote (noun) / botar (verb).
  • Pass: pase (noun) / pasar (verb).
  • Assist / dime: asistencia (noun) / asistir (verb).
  • Layup: entrada a canasta.
  • Dunk: mate (noun) / matar o machacar (verb).
  • Rebound: rebote (noun) / rebotear (verb).
  • Pick / screen: bloqueo (noun) / bloquear (verb).
  • Fake: finta (noun) / fintar (verb).
  • Cut: corte (noun) / cortar (verb).
  • Steal: robo (noun) / robar (verb).
  • Block: bloqueo (noun) / bloquear (verb).
  • Free throw: tiro libre.
  • Field shot: tiro de campo.
  • Three-point field goal / 3-pointer: triple.
  • Air ball: tirar sin tocar aro. (*) We also say air ball in spanish.
  • Floater: bomba.


2.3. Fouls

  • Foul: falta.
  • Traveling / walking / steps: pasos.
  • Double dribble: dobles.
  • Backcourt violation: campo atrás.
  • Turnover: pérdida de balón.
  • Offensive foul: falta de ataque.


2.4. Parts of the court

  • Basket: canasta.
  • Backboard: tablero.
  • Rim: aro.
  • Court: pista.
  • Bench: banquillo.
  • Foul line / Free-throw line: línea de tiro libre.
  • Half-court line / Mid-court line: línea de medio campo.
  • The paint: la pintura / la zona.


2.5. Others

  • Timeout: tiempo muerto.
  • Overtime: prórroga.
  • Referee: árbitro.
  • Score / scorer: marcador.



If you want to know any other term that is not above, leave a comment and I will add it. 😉



I am a native Spanish speaker (from Spain) and I have played basketball in the UK and the US.





  1. First of all, thank you so much for this useful glossary.
    My doubt is: Dribble you translate it as “botar” and “driblar/finta” as Fake. I’m confused. I mean, for instance, how would you say in English “el base sube (bota) el balón” ?

    Thanks in adavance!

    • Hey Carlos, I’m not sure if “subir el balón” has a literal translation in English, but I’ll try to figure it out.

    • Here some options:

      – “No puedes defenderme”.

      – “No puedes pararme”.

      – “No puedes conmigo”.

    • I don’t know what “Call for it / Call for the ball” means in English, sorry.

      If you mean something like call a fault, we say: “pítala” or “pita la falta”.

      If you give me a more precise explanation of that expression in English, I’ll give you the native/natural translation in Spanish.

    • Hi Laura.

      The noun is bloqueo and the verb is bloquear.

      Saludos. 😉

  2. Is Floater “Bomba”? i dont want my teacher to think im talking about bombs in my Oral

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