The information units and their equivalences (kB, MB, GB…)

Information units1. INTRODUCTION

Here you will find a scale with the main information units and their equivalences (kB, MB, GB…).

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Bit (b)Basic information unit
Byte (B)8 b
Kilobyte (kB)1000 B
Megabyte (MB)1000 kB
Gigabyte (GB)1000 MB
Terabyte (TB)1000 GB
Petabyte (PB)1000 TB
Exabyte (EB)1000 PB
Zettabyte (ZB)1000 EB
Yottabyte (YB)1000 ZB


3. DAILY EXAMPLES (Equivalences with daily information units)

  • 1 B: one letter.
  • 1-10 B: one or two words.
  • 50 B: a short sentence.
  • 25 kB: an article as the one you’re reading (350 words + image + styling).
  • 100-1000 kB: a phone picture.
  • 1-4 MB: a pdf/epub book.
  • 3-5 MB: a mp3 song.
  • 10 MB: a 1 minute phone video (compressed)
  • 100 MB: a 1 minute phone video in high resolution (not compressed).
  • 3-100 MB: a phone app.
  • 200 MB: this website (125 posts with images and other formats).
  • 30 GB: the text of the English Wikipedia (6 million articles).
  • 250 TB: all the media on Wikimedia Commons.
  • 800 PB: all data generated in the world every minute.
  • 40-50 ZB: the current world digital data.



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