How many oceans are there?

5 oceans map


There are five oceans: the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Indian, the Arctic and the Antarctic/Southern.

To help learn the oceans and their geographical location, we will see where they are located on the world map and their boundaries with continents and other oceans.


2. THE FIVE OCEANS (Surface area and limits on map)

2.1. Pacific Ocean (≈ 155,557,000 km² | ≈ 60,060,893 miles²)

The Pacific Ocean limits:

  • To the NORTH: the Arctic Circle.
  • To the EAST: America.
  • To the WEST: Asia and Oceania.
  • To the SOUTH: the Antarctic Circle.

Pacific ocean


2.2. Atlantic Ocean (≈ 76,762,000 km² | ≈ 29,637,973 miles²)

The Atlantic Ocean limits:

  • To the NORTH: the Arctic Ocean.
  • To the EAST: Europe and Africa.
  • To the WEST: America.
  • To the SOUTH: Antarctic Ocean.

Atlantic ocean


2.3. Indian Ocean (≈ 68,556,000 km² | ≈ 26,469,619 miles²)

The Indian Ocean limits:

  • To the NORTH: Asia
  • To the EAST: Oceania and the Pacific Ocean.
  • To the WEST: Africa and the Atlantic Ocean
  • To the SOUTH: the Antarctic Ocean.

Indian ocean


2.4. Antarctic glacial ocean (≈ 20,237,000 km² | ≈ 7,813,549 miles²)

The Antarctic Glacial Ocean limits:

  • To the NORTH: South America, Africa and Oceania.

antarctic ocean


2.5. Arctic Ocean (≈ 14,056,000 km² | ≈ 5,427,051 miles²)

The Arctic Ocean limits:

To the SOUTH: North America, Europe and Asia.

artic ocean



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