Countries of Europe (list and map; 2024)

European countries1. INTRODUCTION

#QuestionHow many countries are there in Europe?

Below you can find a list and a map with the current 50 sovereign states of this continent (2024).

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  1. Albania
  2. Andorra
  3. Armenia (*)
  4. Austria
  5. Azerbaijan (*)
  6. Belarus
  7. Belgium
  8. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  9. Bulgaria
  10. Croatia
  11. Cyprus (*)
  12. Czech Republic
  13. Denmark
  14. Estonia
  15. Finland
  16. France
  17. Georgia (*)
  18. Germany
  19. Greece
  20. Hungary
  21. Iceland
  22. Ireland
  23. Italy
  24. Kazakhstan (*)
  25. Latvia
  26. Liechtenstein
  27. Lithuania
  28. Luxembourg
  29. Macedonia
  30. Malta
  31. Moldova
  32. Monaco
  33. Montenegro
  34. Norway
  35. Poland
  36. Portugal
  37. Romania
  38. Russia (*)
  39. San Marino
  40. Serbia
  41. Slovakia
  42. Slovenia
  43. Spain
  44. Sweden
  45. Switzerland
  46. The Netherlands
  47. Turkey (*)
  48. Ukraine
  49. United Kingdom
  50. Vatican City

(*) Those countries with an asterisk are geographically or politically Eurasian countries. More information [HERE].



European countries

Location of the European countries. (*) Kosovo is not a sovereign country. More info [HERE].


  • Kosovo is not a sovereign country (yet) as its territory is currently disputed with Serbia. It is not a member of the United Nation and only 57 % of all the world countries recognize it as a sovereign state (110 out of 194).
  • Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia: politically they can be considered European countries (they belong to the Council of Europe¹ and the European Union considers them European countries²); geographically they are Eurasian countries (located in the Caucasus, imaginary limit between Europe and Asia).
  • Cyprus: politically it is a European country (it is a member state of the European Union²); geographically, it is an Asian country3 and 4.
  • Kazakhstan: Politically, it is usually considered an Asian country3 and 4; geographically it is a Eurasian country (the majority of the country is located in Asia except for the western part located west of the Ural River).
  • Russia: politically it has influence both in Europe and in Asia (the European Union considers it a European country², the RSA considers it Eurasian4); geographically it has 40% of its territory in Europe.
  • Turkey: politically it can be considered a European country (it is a candidate member to join the European Union²); Geographically the majority of the country is located in Asia with the exception of the East Thrace region.



Capitals of the European countries (2024)


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