Eurasian countries (list and map; 2024)

Eurasian countries


Below you can find a list with all the Eurasian countries (sovereign nations that geographically and/or politically belong to both the European and Asian continent).

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  1. Russia
  2. Kazakhstan
  3. Turkey
  4. Georgia
  5. Azerbaijan
  6. Armenia
  7. Cyprus



  • Russia: politically it has influence in both Europe and Asia (the European Union considers it a European country²; the RAE considers it Eurasian4); Geographically it has ∼25% of its territory in Europe6.
  • Kazakhstan: politically it is usually considered an Asian country3 & 4; Geographically it is a Eurasian country (most of the country is located in Asia except for the western part of the country located west of the Ural River).
  • Turkey: politically it can be considered a European country (it is a candidate member of the European Union²); Geographically the majority of the country is located in Asia except for the Eastern Thrace region.
  • Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia: politically they can be considered European countries (they belong to the Council of Europe¹ and the European Union considers them European countries²); Geographically they are Eurasian countries (located in the Caucasus, the imaginary border between Europe and Asia).
  • Cyprus: politically it is a European country (it is a member state of the European Union²); Geographically it is an Asian country3 and 4.



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