Capitals of the Asian countries (2024)

Countries in Asia1. INTRODUCTION

Below you can find a list with all the current Asian countries and their capitals (2024).

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  1. Afghanistan: Kabul
  2. Armenia (*): Yerevan
  3. Azerbaijan (*): Baku
  4. Bahrain: Manama
  5. Bangladesh: Dhaka
  6. Bhutan: Thimphu
  7. Brunei: Bandar Seri Begawan
  8. Burma / Myanmar: Naipyido
  9. Cambodia: Nom Pen
  10. China: Beijing
  11. Cyprus (*): Nicosia
  12. East Timor: Dili
  13. Georgia (*): Tbilisi
  14. India: New Delhi
  15. Indonesia: Jakarta
  16. Iran: Tehran
  17. Iraq: Baghdad
  18. Israel: Jerusalem
  19. Japan: Tokyo
  20. Jordan: Amman
  21. Kazakhstan (*): Astana
  22. Kuwait: Kuwait
  23. Kyrgyzstan: Biskek
  24. Laos: Vientiane
  25. Lebanon: Beirut
  26. Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur
  27. Maldives: Malé
  28. Mongolia: Ulan Bator
  29. Nepal: Kathmandu
  30. North Korea: Pionyang
  31. Oman: Muscat
  32. Pakistan: Islamabad
  33. Philippines: Manila
  34. Qatar: Doha
  35. Russia (*): Moscow
  36. Saudi Arabia: Riad
  37. Singapore: Singapore
  38. South Korea: Seoul
  39. Sri Lanka: Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte
  40. Syria: Damascus
  41. Tajikistan: Dushanbe
  42. Thailand: Bangkok
  43. Turkey (*): Ankara
  44. Turkmenistan: Ashgabat
  45. United Arab Emirates: Abu Dhabi
  46. Uzbekistan: Tashkent
  47. Vietnam: Hanoi
  48. Yemen: Sana’a

(*) Those countries with an asterisk are geographically or politically Eurasian countries. More information [HERE].



Countries in Asia

Location of the Asian countries.



  • Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia: geographically they are Eurasian countries (located in the Caucasus, imaginary limit between Europe and Asia).
  • Cyprus: geographically, it is an Asian country2 and 3; politically it can be considered an European country (it is a member state of the European Union¹),
  • Kazakhstan: Politically, it is usually considered an Asian country2 and 3; geographically it is a Eurasian country (the majority of the country is located in Asia except for the western part located west of the Ural River).
  • Russia: politically it has influence both in Europe and in Asia (the European Union considers it a European country¹, the RSA considers it Eurasian3); geographically it has 60% of its territory in Asia.
  • Turkey: geographically the majority of the country is located in Asia with the exception of the East Thrace region; politically it can be considered an European country (it is a candidate member to join the European Union¹)



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