Continents by population (2024)

Continents by population 20191. INTRODUCTION

In this post I want to share with you the current population of each continent according to the latest data from the United Nations (2022-2024) and the 2024 Wikipedia’s population projections.

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  • Asia ≈ 4600 million (United Nations: 4504 million; Wikipedia: 4689 million).
  • Africa ≈ 1350 million (United Nations: 1310 million; Wikipedia: 1428 million).
  • Americas ≈ 1100 million (United Nations: 1014 million; Wikpedia: 1029 million).
  • Europe ≈ 750 million (United Nations: 747 million; Wikipedia: 745 million).
  • Australia/Oceania ≈ 45 million (United Nations: 42 million; Wikipedia: 44 million).


Continents by population

Continents by population (2019).



  • The population of each continent has been presented as a rounded average from both data sources in order to be easily remembered. The UN data gives reliability to the presented data and the 2024 projections from Wikipedia a more accurate and updated correction.
  • There isn’t a defined number of continents. More information [HERE].



  • United Nations (2024). 2022 Revision of World Population Prospects. Available [HERE].
  • Wikipedia.org (2024). Países y territorios dependientes por población. Text in Spanish. Available [HERE].

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