Where to go salsa and bachata dancing in Cartagena (Spain)

where to dance salsa and bachata in Cartagena (Spain)1. INTRODUCTION

In this post I want to share with you some updated information about where to go salsa and bachata dancing in Cartagena (Spain).

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(*) Make sure to doublecheck the info via Instagram (all the clubs have their own IG page with updated info).



2.1. In winter, spring and autumn/fall

During winter, spring and autumn/fall in Cartagena, we dance mainly four days a week:

  • Wednesday: at Goa The Club, starting at 23 h.
  • Thursday: at Eden, starting at 23 h.
  • Friday: In Goa The Club, from 00 h (*) Best day of the week.
  • Sunday: In Bondi Beach (Cabo de Palos), starting at 20 h in winter.

(*) You can also dance in Murcia city from Wednesday to Sunday in Bora Bora Salsoteca and Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays in Vayven Murcia. The best days are Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays at both places. Timetables and more information [HERE].


2.2. In Summer

During the summer, we usually dance at the surrounding beach towns:

  • Tuesday: Bali Club Beach from 23 h.
  • Wednesday: Soho Los Narejos from 00 h.
  • Thursday: Bora Bora Salsoteca (Murcia city, 45 minutes from Cartagena) from 00 h.
  • Friday: Bora Bora Salsoteca (Murcia city, 45 minutes from Cartagena) from 00 h.
  • Saturday: Bora Bora Salsoteca (Murcia city, 45 minutes from Cartagena) from 00 h or at Maná San Javier Nightclub from 00 h. (*) The latter is a macroclub with a small salsa and bachata room.
  • Sunday: Bondi Beach from 22 h or Bali Club Beach from 20 h.

(*) As there are still some months left for the summer, I will update the information as the dates come and the places publish their summer schedules.



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