Where to buy XRP?

XRP (cryptocurrency)1. INTRODUCTION

#Question: Where can I buy XRP?

This is being one of the most commons questions recently!

So here we go:



  • Coinbase: most popular and intuitive platform for beginners. You just have to register and make a card payment.
    • If you make a purchase of $ 100 —or the equivalent in your local currency— using my link they will give both of us $ 10 😁
  • Binance: main platform for buying / selling cryptocurrencies. Here you can buy hundreds of them apart from XRP. As in Coinbase, you just have to register and make a card payment.
  • Etoro: eToro is especially interesting for those who, in addition to investing in the value of XRP and other cryptocurrencies, want to invest in shares of companies (such as Google, Amazon or Facebook) and other financial products.
    • If you’re from the United States, use this link.


These are undoubtedly three of the main simplest and most reliable platforms to buy or invest in XRP. If you have any additional questions about them, share it in the comments.



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