Experience with SXP staking on Trust Wallet


Hey crypto investors.

I’ll be sharing here my experience with SXP staking on Trust Wallet for all of you interested in doing the same.

I hope it helps.



In order to stake SXP on Trust Wallet, I just followed the official Swipe documentation.

It’s pretty easy and clear (few steps with screenshots), BUT I got confused when syncing the Swipe DeFi App to Trust Wallet.

In the first place, following their own steps, I synced via “Connecting wallet” instead of “Trust Wallet”. The result? The Swipe DeFi App showed 0 SXP available to stake (when I had some SXP ERC-20 in my Trust Wallet).

I contacted the Swipe support via chat live, but they did not help much (as usual) and they sent me to their Telegram (where the only answers came from scammers).

Anyway, I tried again directly with my phone (this time connecting via “Trust Wallet“) and there I had my SXP ready to be staked.

After that it’s only clicking a couple of buttons and pay a lot of ETH fees (I paid $23!), but I made it:

SXP staking on Trust Wallet

SXP staking on Trust Wallet.



It’s working. I’m receiving the SXP rewards every day at 00:00 UTC (you can withdraw them after a week).

SXP staking rewards


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