How to stake LUNA (TERRA)

LUNA logo (cryptocurrency)1. INTRODUCTION

Staking LUNA is very easy.

It won’t take you more than 10 minutes to set it up and you’ll see your multiple rewards (LUNA, UST and KRT) coming alive right after.

These would be the steps:



  1. Download the Station wallet (avaliable for Android, iOS, Chrome, Windows, Linux…)
  2. Create or import an account.
  3. Send funds to your Station wallet (you don’t need a MEMO).
  4. Stake the funds delegating them to one of the top 100 validators (make sure you leave some funds unstaked to pay fees on the process).


Staking LUNA (TERRA)

Check how your rewards pile up right after! 😍



After delegating your funds to one or several validators, your staking funds will be locked for 21 days.



  • Terra.money (2021). Happy Staking. How to stake your Luna and stack up rewards. Avaliable [HERE].

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  1. Hi, I’m fairly new to this but I have a bit of LUNA on my crypto.com account and want to transfer to my terra station wallet. When I go to transfer, crypto.com asks for the receiving address which I have but then it asks for a wallet name? Is this just my name for the wallet or do I need something specific?

    • Hey Tom, to send LUNA to the Terra Station Wallet you only need the address (no name or MEMO).

      Just do a small withdrawal test before sending big amounts.

      Let me know how it goes.

  2. Hello, first time delegating and was wondering. When I have delegated luna to a vlaidator, can I shut down the terra station application or does it has to stay open for rewards to accumulate?


    • I’m pretty sure you can uninstall de app as your LUNA are already delegated to a validator. But I asked just in case. 😉

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