Do I need a MEMO to send LUNA to the Station Wallet?

The answer is no.

You don’t need a MEMO to send LUNA to your Station wallet.

I just withdraw some LUNA from Binance to my Station Wallet without a MEMO (fee: 0.02 LUNA; it arrived in about 5 minutes).


LUNA Binance withdraw (MEMO)



  • You don’t need a MEMO when you send LUNA from Binance, Kucoin or other Station Wallet to your own, BUT you’ll normally need a MEMO to do it the other way around (sending/depositing LUNA to exchanges).



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  • LUNA: terra133pur52t9wvf08lk8v5293v0az5nnh9042u9xp
  • NANO: nano_1zutx1by7rg37jr3mtjmetbu1u4xouuy6uik9rjg3fxptmg3yq5kyudkrxrp

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  1. What the heck is a “Memo”. Is it something I just make up? If not where do I find it?

    • Exchanges sometimes use unique deposit addresses for all their users and the only way to differentiate whose is that deposit is adding extra information (memo).

      The memo is simply an identificator, like the name/concept in a regular bank transfer.

      You only need a MEMO if you’re sending LUNA from Terra Station to exchanges. You DON’T NEED IT the other way around.

      • Same thing applies for $LUNC Terra Classic??
        The *Red WARNING* that appears in Kucoin does kinda’ makes it feel imperative to lol ..

        Thank you sir

        • It’s the same (for the moment at least).

          To send your LUNA or LUNC to Terra Station you don’t need any MEMO.

          (You won’t find any MEMO on your Terra Station anyway)

  2. La comisión de 2 UST por enviar UST de KuCoin a Terra station Wallet es un fijo o depende del trafico de red? Gracias

    • Muy seguramente sea fijo (la red de Terra es mucho más barata; incluso con tráfico alto).

  3. Hola, para pasar UST de Kucoin a Terra Station necesito MEMO? No entiendo. Gracias.

    • No, para pasar UST de Kucoin a Terra Station NO necesitas MEMO.

      Un saludo.

  4. Hola! estoy confundido. Qué texto debo poner en el Memo? O sea, qué dato debo escribir en “Memo”?

  5. What should I do? I made withdrawal of Luna from Kucoin to Binance. But instead of pasting memo in Binance I past the wallet address again. Two days have passed now but Luna has not been deposited in Binance. What to do as I had not mentioned the memo, instead my wallet address was pasted.

    • Contact Binance support directly. There shouldn’t be a problem to fix that.

  6. Hello there, i don’t know if its a new update or something but when I try to withdraw LUNA from my Binance exchange to TERRA Station, it gives me a message saying, “The network you chose supports MEMO. If the deposit platform requires you to fill in MEMO, please fill it in correctly. Missing or wrong filling of MEMO may cause loss of your assets.”, I cannot find any mention of memo on the TERRA Station, would be great if you could shed some light on my doubts!
    Thank you.

    • Send it without MEMO. You don’t need one to send funds to your Terra wallet.

  7. Hi Javier,
    Do you perhaps know how to transfer from Terra Station to Binance. I have some Luna and UST. Do I use the same address and is a memo required?
    Many thanks!

    • Hey Jeroen.

      It’s really easy:

      1) On the Terra Station app, click on the asset you want to send to Binance; in this case LUNA, as UST is not listed yet.

      2) On Binance, go to your Spot Wallet and look for LUNA. Click on it and click again on “Deposit”.

      3) Copy ***BOTH*** your Binance LUNA address and the MEMO and paste it in their respective places on the Terra Station.

      As easy as that. It’ll take you less than a minute.

      • El memo se genera 1 por cada transaccion que queramos hacer? o es algo fijo que tenemos que encontrar dentro de nuestra wallet de terra? Tengo miedo de enviar el dinero y no poder volver a recuperarlo por no tener el memo 🙁 Gracias!

        • Hola Constanza. Si estás enviando LUNA desde Binance a Terra Station no tienes que poner ningún MEMO.

          Si te da miedo, manda una pequeña cantidad de prueba primero.

          Un saludo.

  8. Thank you for the answer. I am a little confused with the tokken adding. Because in Metamask, I have read that if you don’t import the token linked with its Contract Address, your transaction would be missing and lost. I don’t know if Terra wallet is the same. Have you set the token in your terra wallet before actually processing the withdrawal from Binance to Terra?

    Thank you for your time,

    • Hello again Crypto03.

      It’s easier than all of that. You only need to send your TERRA token to your Terra Station Wallet.

      Nothing else.

  9. Good morning, Thank you for the note. Have you get the requiement of sending 5 LUNA at minumum for a Binance/Terra wallet transaction? In my Terra wallet, the only LUNA coin is bLuna, is it the same coin?

    • 1) Yes, I get the same requirement of 5 LUNA to withdraw from Binance.

      2) No, if you sent 5 LUNA from Binance to your Terra Station you should be seeing 5 LUNA, not 5 bLUNA.

      3) LUNA is not the same than bLUNA. The latter is a derivative asset of the former.

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