How to buy MORA (Cryptocurrency – Meliora Finance)

MORA cryptocurrency (Meliora Finance)


For the moment, the easiest and cheapest way to buy MORA (cryptocurrency) is on Bilaxy.com.

Why? Because the other options are decentralized exchanges built on ETH, which means completely caos of high fees, failed transactions, painful user experience, etc.

If you didn’t understand what I just said, don’t worry. Below I show you how to buy MORA step by step.


2. HOW TO BUY $MORA (Meliora Finance – Cryptocurrency)

  1. Sign up on Bilaxy.com.
  2. Once registered, go to Funds > Deposits. On the searcher, type: USDT.
  3. Make sure you select the TRC-20 network.
  4. Copy the TRC-20 USDT deposit address.
  5. Send TRC-20 USDT to that deposit address from Binance or any other exchange.
  6. Once you have the USDT on Bilaxy, go to Exchange and look for the ETH/USDT market to buy ETH with your USDT.
  7. Now that you have ETH, you can finally buy MORA with it in the MORA/ETH market.

(*) If you don’t know how to buy on the exchange, don’t worry. On the left hand side, you see red and green orders, right? Those are people selling and buying at different prices. Just click on one of those red selling orders from above (you’ll see your price, amount and total box will fill up immediately). Then click on 100% and after that on buy USDT -or MORA- depending on the step you are. If the order doesn’t fill, you’ll need to make sure to pay a higher price. I know it can be a little bit tricky, but this exchange doesn’t have any other option to buy/sell.



  • After signing up, you can just send ETH to your Bilaxy account and buy MORA with it. It is much easier, but you’ll need to pay higher fees and wait a longer time for your deposit to arrive.



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