Experience with Swipe (SXP)


Here I want to share with you all my experience with Swipe (SXP) so far.

I’m going to make it as simple as possible, so it’s easy to read and digest.

Feel free to ask anything or leave your own experience on the comments.

I hope it helps.



  1. The app looks good. ✅
  2. Fast SXP transactions (as for now). ✅
  3. Good wallet user experience. ✅
  4. Fast card shipping within Europe (UK > Spain). Less than 10 days in my case. ✅
  5. I paid a Netflix suscription with the Swipe card without any problem. ✅
  6. No Twitter support for an easy question (although their support account @SwipeHelpdesk has only 1000 followers). ⛔️
  7. Slow/non-existent app support. ⛔️
  8. Completely careless costumer service (not reciving support from the app, email and Twitter for days). ⛔️
  9. I’m finally able to contact them via chat live and they told me I was going to recieve my Netflix rebate the 5th of next month. I didn’t. ⛔️
  10. The 5th comes and I have no rebate. I’m able to talk with them again via live chat. They say next month (so one month later of what they originally said) I would recieve my two Netflix rebates (they were 2 suscriptions late already). The 5th of next month comes. No rebate. ⛔️
  11. I contact them again. They say the tech guys will look at it and they will reach out. They never do. ⛔️
  12. I contact them again days later. I ask if they are going to take weeks for fixing such a concrete and important issue. They are painfully unefficient. Asking me for the same information several times (same transaction ID, same screenshots, same dates info). I gave them everything. They talked with a supervisor and they sent me the two pending rebates at the same time. ⛔️
  13. I have my rebates on Bitcoin. I exchange it the BTC for USD to buy SXP within the same wallet. Easy. Nice UX. ✅
  14. I have my initial SXP back and two Netflix suscriptions paid. ✅
  15. I’m waiting to see if next month the rebates will be reflected on the 5th automatically (as it should be) or if I will need to be a pain in the ass to have the service they promise to give. ⚠️



It’s a shame. A truly shame.

They have all the hard work done. Almost all the ingredients to 100x in capitalization: branding, infrastructure in Europe and the US, the VISA cards, a good niche and business model, staking, huge growth potential….

But they simply don’t care about the most important thing: their service, their clients and their own company.

Is that difficult to hire a few people to give a proper costumer service within the same day (desirable within a few minutes/hours)?

Is that difficult to automatize rebates?

Is that complex to make sure your company image (and future) doesn’t go to hell caring about clients not having what you promise to do?

I can’t understand it. I really can’t.




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