Authy 2FA not working? (solution)


Hi again guys!

Authy’s 2FA codes are not working? I found an easy solution!

Hope it helps! 💪



After thinking it was some kind of issue related to exchanges like Mercatox, Binance or Bittrex, I ended up contacting Authy to ask them about it.

They told me that sometimes, after updating your phone software, you can experience some misconfigurations that can affect the 2FA codes.

Among the solutions they gave me, the first and simpler one was just install their Chrome extension.

You need to install it, put your backup key and done! It worked at the first attempt after being days locked out of some exchanges!



If so, I invite you to thank me personally my help and the time that I invest in writing this entries/solutions doing a small cryptodonation (if you do so, leave a comment too so I can thank you! 🙂 ):

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  • Bitcoin: 1Cj1ZmSXHeHggMTt5GH1Nx79AFgeZutiRG


If the 2FA problem is not fixed yet, try to contact them directly. They answered me within minutes.

For any other question or concern, you can always leave a comment! See you soon! 😉



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