Organelles of the animal cell and their functions

Organelles of the animal cell1. INTRODUCTION

The animal cell has 13 different types of organelles¹ with specialized functions.

Below you can find a list will all of them (animal cell organelles and their functions) with and image/diagram to help you visualize where they are and how they look within the cell.



  • Nucleolus: Synthesis of ribosomal RNA.
  • Nucleus: Contains genes (chromatin).
  • Ribosomes: Protein synthesis.
  • Vesicle: Transport of materials within the cytoplasm.
  • Rough endoplasmic reticulum (RER): Protein synthesis.
  • Golgi Apparatus: Processes, packages and distributes proteins to other organelles for export.
  • Cytoskeleton: Structural support of cells; facilitates the movement of the organelles.
  • Smooth endoplasmic reticulum (SER): Lipid synthesis; drug metabolism.
  • Mitochondria: Produces energy for the cell called ATP.
  • Vacuole: Protection of the cell, collect waste products and maintain internal pH, among others. (*) Only in some animal cells.
  • Lysosome: Cellular digestion.
  • Centrosome: regulate the cell-cycle progression.
  • Cell membrane: separates the cell from its environment; regulates the movement of materials in and out of the cell.


Organelles of the animal cell

1) Nucleolus; 2) Nucleus; 3) Ribosome (dots); 4) Vesicle; 5) Rough endoplasmic reticulum (RER); 6) Golgi apparatus; 7) Cytoskeleton; 8) Smooth endoplasmic reticulum (SER); 9) Mitochondrion; 10) Vacuole; 11) Cytosol (It’s not an organelle. It’s the fluid that contains the organelles); 12) Lysosome; 13) Centrosome; 14) Cell membrane.



Organelles of the plant cell and their functions



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